Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My newly started MAC palette!

My newly started MAC palette!
When I turned 18 I started buying MAC eyeshadows in pan forms to collect them in a palette. I just had one palette because I tend to buy special edition eyeshadow pots or quads from MAC which don't come in pan forms... I finished filling up that palette within a year of starting one and had that same palette for almost 10 years! Eww..haha..I know, I know, I should have replaced it long ago but I did spray the eyshadow with alcohol spray once in a while and since they are powder eyeshadows I really didn't "feel" the need to replace them. 

I saw on a T.V. show that ways to tell if powder eyeshadows are no good is if the colors aren't pigmented as they once used to be and/or if they don't apply or blend as they used to, and that powder eyeshadows are typically good for 2-3 years with regular use. As for bacteria build up, spraying alcohol spray is a good way to kill bacteria and keep them from forming. And even if a cosmetic product forms bacteria, if you stop using it and leave it alone for several days, the bacteria will die out by itself because bacteria requires a living host to survive and grow. Same theory applies to other cosmetic products like mascara; if you don't use it for over a week, whatever bacteria it may had would die out=)

Anyhow....I lost my precious MAC palette! Not to bacteria but rather due to my clumziness! I completely forgot that I brought my palette on my trip to Vegas last year. I got so sick on that trip that I didn't have much chance to wear makeup and I only realized that I didn't have my palette when I got back home!! I'm thinking that it must have been left behind while I changed hotel suites but other than that I don't have a clue as to what happened to it :(

I wasn't all that upset when I realized that I lost my MAC palette...oh no, I'm was upset!lol But not as much as I thought I would be...mostly because I've been meaning to start a new palette and also I knew I should replace some of the shadows that I've had for way too long.
So in November 2009, I started a new palette with some familiar colors such as expensive pink, blanc type, humid, sumptuous olive, beauty marked, and embarked (the colored that are in the palette in the picture above). And yesterday while I was at MAC to check out the MAC In Lillyland Lipgelees, I bought few more familiar colors: satellite dreams, smut, shimmermoss (the center three shadows that are still in packages). And I also added couple of colors that I've been wanting to get for years: creme de violet and electric eel. These two colors are so pigmented and gorgeous! I can't wait to wear them! Especially electric eel; I saw a really pretty bright blue shadow look, it looked like just a wash of one bright blue color across the 2/3rd of the eyelids. Eversince I saw that look I've been wanting to get a bright blue shadow with no shimmers and MAC's electric eel seems perfect! If anyone knows of another beautiful bright blue eyeshadow (pressed powder eyeshadow) that has no shimmers or glitters but still feels creamy and blends well that has great pigmentation pay off, please do let me know =D
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