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L'OREAL true match roller foundation Review & Giveaway!



true match Roller

Perfecting Roll On Makeup


Here is a review of my latest foundation purchase which is L'OREAL true match roller foundation. And I'm giving away a brand new L'OREAL true match roller foundation in warm 5-6 sand beige (which I think is suitable for some who wears NC 37? or maybe anyone NC 35 or darker, it's warm tone so I thnk it would be suitable for olive or yellow skintone but to be sure I would suggest dropping by a drugstore to make sure that "warm5-6 sand beige" suits you. I wear MAC NC 30-35 and "warm 4 natural beige" in this L'oreal true match roller foundation suits me well)


I bought this foundation because of the funny looking applicator. I love trying new and different products so when I saw this cream foundation with a roller applicator that kind of looking like a mini version of those sponge roller for paints, I couldn't pass up on trying it out! I bought warm4 and warm4-5; I tried warm4 and the color suits me well so I'm giving away the warm4-5 which is slightly darker than warm4. L'oreal offers different undertone and several different choicces within the differnt undertones. I picked warm since I'm Korean therefore yellow/olive undertone.

The packaging is very poor; it's made with very cheap and light plastic. There is no mirror even though it's in a compact form and the packaging feels very flimsy overall. There are holes at the bottom of the compact where the applicator is kept so it will prevent bacteria from forming which is always a good bonus when you're buying a compact:)

The applicator is the most unique part of this product. To be honest I really didn't have high hopes for this applicator. C'mon, a flat sponge roller for your face?lol How will it possibly get into all the curves of your face? But to my surprise, the sponge roller applicator is what I like the most about this product! It's a perfect way to apply your foundation without getting any foundation on your hands. The sponge roller feels very soft and like a mini massage when you roll it around your face. It's small enough that you can roll it righ up and underneath your eyes. It is a little difficult to get to the sides of your upper nose, inner side your the eyes. You can easily build up the coverage by going over the same place with the roller. And the roller applicator really helps to prevent using too much foundation because it only picks up a certain amount of foundation when you roll it on th product. Overall it's a very fun and unique way to apply foundation once you get the hang of it =D

As for the quality of the actual foundation product, it gives a soft and matt finish. Coverage is pretty decent and it's buildable. It's an oil free and matt product so I didn't feel the need for finishing powder, especially during winter when my skin gets dry and I like to wear cream blush (cream blush on powder finished face feels funny). The lasting power is pretty decent, it's defnitely better than some of the liquid foundations out there. One bad thing is the scent; it smells like chemical drenched's pretty hard to find a nice smelling foundation so the smell doesn't bother me too much easpecially since it can't really be smelled once it's on your face!


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FTC disclaimer: I purchased both foundation products and I am not being compensated for this review. I am not associated or affiliated with L'Oreal and my views and opinions expressed in this post/blog are my own.

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