Monday, August 13, 2012

Bubble Hair Coloring from ETUDE HOUSE

I first tried coloring my own hair back when I was thirteen years old and throughout my later teen years and early twenties I often colored my own hair at home. As I got older I started to get my hair colored professionally at salons more  and more often. I eventually got really sick of coloring my hair all the time so for the past two years I've went back to my natural hair color. I was starting to get bored of my plain natural hair color when I saw this Bubble Hair Coloring kit from Etude House, so of course I felt compelled to try it out...

This product promises fun, easy, and mess-free application. It comes in five different colors; I picked number three, natural brown.

The instructions as well as product description and ingredient list are all written in Korean but there are few helpful illustrations to guide you if you are not familiar with Korean.

Here are contents of the box:
Hair dye:

Color developer:

Plastic sheet and gloves:

Instructional pamphlet: 

Silky perfumed hair treatment:

This kit is very easy to use. You take the hair dye packet and pour it into the color developer container...

Put the pump lid back on the color developer container and use the pump to make bubbles!

Evenly apply the bubbles all over your hair. Leave it on for half hour. Rinse off with warm water, use the silky perfumed hair treatment to soften hair, rinse again, and your done!

This product was indeed very easy to use. No dripping of hair color during application or harsh scent. I wasn't super impressed with the result but it did the job of lightening my dark hair into medium brown. I would say that the strength of this hair dye is medium. There are at home hair colors that produce more intense colors but those ones also smell terrible... So overall, Etude House Bubble hair Coloring is a decent hair dye. Something you should try if you hate the strong scent of typical hair dye and also if are NOT looking for drastic hair color change!
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