Monday, April 6, 2015

Beauty People Royal Lip Tint Honey Balm

A lot of hybrid lip products are popular these days. Let it be lipstick/gloss, lip tint/gloss, lip balm/tint, lipgloss/stain, liquid lipstick/gloss/stain, and etc... I've tried several of these hybrid lip products from Dior, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Shu Uemura, as well as other well known brands. Some I loved, some I wasn't too impressed with.

Recently, I purchased lip balm/tints from an affordable Korean beauty brand called Beauty People. These are called Royal Lip Tint Honey Balm, and they come in four colors.

(from top to bottom: Azalea Honey Balm, Daisy Honey Balm, Calendula Honey Balm, and Camellia Honey Balm)

Besides the fact that these lip balm/tint products boasts myriad of natural ingredients such as propolis, avocado oil, and shea butter (just to name a few), they truly feel great on the lips like a lip balm, yet looks like tinted lip gloss on the lips!

Here are my lip swatches: first row with with just one quick swipe, second row with three coats, and third row with how the lips are left stained when wiped off with tissue.

One coat feels like a light lip balm on the lips with slight color, three coats feel like I'm wearing non-sticky lipgloss with good color pay-off, and when it's wiped off with tissue, there's still a decent tint left behind. (My lips in the above swatches drier than they typically are when I have these products on because of all wiping and reapplying I had to do for these swatches!)

These feel amazingly comfortable on the lips, it doesn't feel thick or goopy even when I wear three or more coats. It keeps the lips moist and non-sticky (lips feel the most comfortable/hydrated/non-sticky about 10 minutes after application). My lips feel hydrated for up to six hours without reapplying. The colors lasts about 4 hours, and slightly starts to fade after. 

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