Monday, December 20, 2010

LUSH Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

 Lush's Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is limited item that's only available during the holiday. I missed out last year because by the time I visited Lush all the Christmas Eve Bubble Bars were sold out. So this year I purchased three Christmas Eve Bubble Bars!

What attracted me the most to this bubble bar has to be how cute it looks! It just "looks" like bubble bar that will help you get a good This bubble bar has jasmine and ylang ylang  as main ingredients. I'm not a huge fan of the jasmine scent but since ylang ylang is a known sleep inducing essential oil and I'm always on the hunt to find bath products that will help me fall asleep I decide to buy
few to try out.

Christmas Eve bubble bar is dark blue bubble bar with a yellow crescent moon on top with some glitters sprinkled on top. The entire bubble bar is dark blue; even the insides are blue (as shown in the picture). I was bit disappointed wit the scent: when I first smelled it at the store it smelled soapy; like a cheap dollar store soap with a very faint ylang ylang; I didn't smell much of the jasmine. I still went ahead and bought three hoping that I'll be pleasantly surprised when I tried it.

I used half of the Christmas Eve bubble bar for one bath. I crumbled it under running warm water as I was filling my bath. By the time my bath tub was filled there were mounds bubbles everywhere. Please keep in mind that the stronger the water pressure, the more bubbles you will make. If your water pressure isn't all that strong, you can help make more bubbles by splashing your bath water around. Of course having a whirlpool will be most ideal. This bubble bar definitely has the potential for a lot of bubbles! It also made my bath water blue. And in the water the jasmine and ylang ylang scents become more notable. The scents still weren't as strong as I want. and that cheap soap scent was still present even in the water, but overall this is an alright bubble bar. I'm only saying it's alright because it does create good bubbles and smell better once it's in water but definitely not one of my holiday favorites.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Balm Balmbini Palette Review & Giveaway

The Blam Balmbini palette was featured in my You Tube November Beauty Products video as one of my favorite products so if you saw that video you already know that I love this little palette! I like this palette so much that I'm giving a brand new one to one of my subscribers as my December Giveaway prize! After my last month's giveaway where the prize was the Kat Von D palette which I didn't like so much, I'm happy to finally give a prize that I adore=)

The Balmbini palette has seven mini the Blam products (Down Boy blush, Hot Mama blush, MaryLou Manizer highlighter, Insane Jane e/s, Jealous Jordana e/s, Wanted lipstick, Special Edition lip tint); five of which I already own full size products of (Down Boy, Hot Mama, MaryLou Manizer, Insane Jane e/s, Jealous Jordana e/s). This palette supposedly contains $85 value of the Balm products. If all seven products were full sizes I'm sure that they would add up to more than $85 but since all seven products are much smaller than the full sized ones I don't think it's actually $85 in value. Nevertheless, this palette is NOT $85! It's being sold for $28 in US and $30 in Canada (and cheaper depending on where it's bought).

Since I already had five of the included seven products in this palette, I was confident that I would enjoy this palette. Both blushes (Down Boy and Hot Mama), eyesahdows (Insane Jane and Jealous Jordana), and the MaryLou Manizer highlighter are products I've been using for quite a while. And they are all products that I really like. So when I saw that by buying this palette I can have all those products in one compact palette as well as get to try couple of the Balm's lip products, I was happy to dish out $30!

I brought this palette on few of my short trips and found it very useful. On my trips I brought: Blambini palette, black liner, mascara, lip liner, and matte ivory or off white and dark brown e/s, and that's it! (well, I obviously also brought lotion, concealer, foundation, powder, and few other but I'm only talking about makeup-wise!) Having Down Boy and Hot Mama blushes along with Mary Lou Manizer highlighter is enough for face and MaryLou Manizer can be also used as e/s to highlight the brow bones and inner eye corners. Insane Jane e/s is a lovely all over the lid color for day and night (it's very similar to MAC Smoke and 'Diamonds e/s and kind of reminds me of MAC's Satin Taupe as well). Jealous Jordana is also a very lovely pigmented color especially for night out. Since both e/s colors are frosty I found it useful to have a matte ivory color to blend out the edges and a matte dark color to deepen the creases.

The lip products in this palette are alright. If I was just looking at the pigmentations of these lip products I would probably say that they are both not worth a dollar; the color Wanted is supposed to be a lipstick but it feel more like a sticky lip tint. And the Special Edition lip tint is just a thick gel like clear gloss; it's more moisturizing than Wanted lipstick but just as sticky. Having said all these bad things about the lip products I still say that they are "alight" because they both smell great and feel very cooling and refreshing on the lips.

Now on to the You Tube December Giveaway...

Giveaway Rules:
1. You must be my You Tube Channel subscriber as well as my blog follower.
2. Enter this giveaway by commenting on this blog post and let me know what type of blog posts/ you tube video you would like to see from me.
3. This giveaway is open world-wide.
4. You must be 16 years old or older or have your guardian/parent's permission (an email stating that permission is given is fine).
5. You can enter multiple times to raise your chance of winning but please keep it to only once per every 24 hours.
6. The last day to enter this giveaway is DEC 31 2010.
7. If the above rules aren't followed you will be disqualified.
8. Winner will be announced via my Twitter, a blog post here, and on my You Tube announcement board and video info section during the first week of Jan 2011.
*It's is your responsibility to check the winner announcement and claim the prize by emailing me with shipping info if you are the winner. If prize isn't claimed by end of Jan 2011, it will be offered to another participant.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winner for YT Nov 2010 Giveaway

The winning entry for Nov Giveaway of Kat Von D palette is:
"Flying Fox on November 2, 2010 6:52 AM said...

My YouTube username is: SuperDamask!

My favorit product from the video is the Anna Sui DuoEyshadow! Just really liked the one you showed with the cream base and then the white eyeshadow which was so pigmented! Thinking to get some Anna Sui stuff myself now...."
*The winner must email/message me with shipping info before end of Dec 2010 to claim the prize*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kat Von D LOVE and FURY True Romance Eyeshadow Palette Review & Nov 2010 Giveaway for You Tube

I've been a fan of Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palettes, but sadly her latest palette, Love and Fury, just didn't live up to my expectations...

My last purchase of Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette, before this one, was Memento Mori which I adore: it has various colours from dark, glittery, light, to pastel and allowed me to create various day and night looks and the quality of the eyeshadows were amazing. And this was something I expected from Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palettes as I also own two other ones (Gypsy, Beethoven) and have been similarly satisfied with both. 

However, Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palette in Love and Fury feels mediocre. I wouldn't say it's terrible but it sure was a down grade compare to the previously released True Romance palettes.

Three of the eight eyeshadows are cream shadows. The colour "Slayer" is just a silver glittery cream; the glitters makes it difficult to blend. I just didn't find much use for this colour. The only way I could use this was to add bit of silvery glitter around the inner eye. The other two cream colors, "Bloodletting" and "Crucifix" can be used as base for the two other matching glittery powder eyeshadows: "Oddfellow" and "Ace of Spades." These cream shadows do smudge and crease so unless used as base for powder eyeshadow they are useless.

"Oddfellow"is the blackend blue (black with blue/green glitters).  "Ace of Spades" is the blackend red (black with red glitters. They are both bit powdery and the pigmentations aren't the best but they can be improved by using the cream colours (Bloodletting and Crucifix) as bases. These two colours are definitely in with the latest fall/winter eyeshadow trend of dark glittery colours. Bobbi Brown recently released blackend glitter eyesahdows and Urban Decay has the Black palette that has several blacked glittery colours.

There are two light silver and one dark silver colours. These three colours are very velvety to apply and also very pigmented. My favourite colour from this palette is the dark silver colour called "Glock."

Crucifix, Bloodletting, Ace of Spades, Oddfellow

Crucifix (cream), Bloodletting (cream), Ace of Spades, Oddfellow

Glock, Slayer, Holy Bible, Albino

Albino, Holy Bible, Slayer (cream), Glock

Albino, Holy Bible, Slayer (cream), Glock

Crucifix (cream), Bloodletting (cream), Ace of Spades, Oddfellow

Crucifix as base with Oddfellow, Bloodletting as base with Ace of Spades

 Overall, I would give this palette 2.5 stars out of 5 whereas I would give 4-5 stars for all the other Kat Von D True Romance palettes I own. Would you like to try this palette for yourself and let me know what you think? Check out the Giveaway to win a brand new Kat Von D Love and Fury True Romance eyeshadow palette!

Here are some of the other Kat Von D True Romance eyeshadow palettes, the ones that I 
actually give 4-5 stars out of 5 stars! :

Giveaway Rules:
1. You must be my You Tube channel subscriber as well as this blog follower.
2. This giveaway is open internationally.
3. Enter this giveaway by submitting comment entry to this blog post.
4. Please include the following information in your entry: Your You Tube user name, Name of one of my Oct 2010 favourite beauty product which you can find out by watching my Oct 2010 Favourites video on you Tube.
5. Multiple entries are accepted but please keep it to one entry per day.
6. Comment entries for this giveaway must be submitted before end of Nov 2010.
7. Winner will be announced during the first week of Dec 2010 via my Twitter, Blogpost here at

Friday, September 3, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines

I’ve been trying hard to hold on buying MAC products until mid Oct 2010 when I’ll be able to get discount from MAC but I couldn’t resist picking up few of the limited edition items from the Fabulous Felines collection!
So here’s  pics of what I got:
blogpic 021 blogpic 034

What drew me the most to this collection were the Superslick Liquid Eye Liners. There were several very pretty and intense colored liners but I decided to pick up the silver one (Nocturnal) and the purple one (Smoky Heir). These liquid liners are water based and supposed to be water resistant and dry within 15 sections after applying. They are water resistant (not waterproof!) and gives a very pigmented slick sexy line but I don’t think they dry in 15 seconds! It takes more like 30-45 seconds to dry in my opinion. So make sure you don’t fully open your eyes after applying this liner, or  you will get liner marks on your eye lid!lol But overall, I’m glad I bought these liners. They are long lasting and some of the colors are unique. I was told that some of these liners will be in MAC’s permanent collection so maybe I’ll try out the black one later on in the permanent collection…
There were 3 sets of eyeshadow quads in this collection but I only picked up one called Burmese Beauty. This is my first quad in MAC’s new packaging and I feel like I prefer their old quad packaging. The new one is unnecessarily thick and chunky…My favorite color from this quad is Burmese Beauty (luster) which is a pretty brown with green iridescence. This color reminds me of MAC eyeshadow color called Club. Because of the duo chrome effect of Burmese Beauty this color can be used on its own to create effortless eyeshadow look without much effort!!
I picked up one of the mineralized blush called Pet Me; it’s a rosy pink color blush with very fine and faint multicolor shimmers.  It gives off a very sheer wearable pinky rosy glow to cheeks:)
blogpic 032 blogpic 024

blogpic 026 blogpic 028

Lisa/ channelesque

Winner for YT monthly giveaway for AUG 2010: Coastal Scent’s Creative Me #1 Palette

Thank you all for participating in my You Tube monthly giveaway!
For the month of Aug 2010, the prize of Coastal Scent’s Creative Me #1 palette which has some of my favorite matte eyeshadow colors!! For detailed review please check out my blog review of Coastal Scent's Creative Me #1 Palette.
Now on to the winner announcement…
The winner for my Aug 2010 YT Giveaway is “SaveThe Earth 552”
Please email me with your shipping info to claim your prize if you are the winner. If the prize isn’t claimed by end of Sep 2010, the prize will be passed on to another winner.
Lisa/ channelesque

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coastal Scents Creative Me #1 palette Review & Giveaway

The Creative Me #1 consists of 12 vibrant matte colors in a sturdy mirrored palette with removable magnetic pots. The case measures 5 3/4 inches long by 4 1/4 inches wide. This palette can be purchased at for $21.95.  Each color can also be purchased individually.
This would be a great palette to have for someone looking for colorful matte eyeshadows. The color pay-offs are great; very vibrant and pigmented. It’s not pasty like a lot of the matte color eyeshadows currently out there. They blend well with each other as well as other brand eyeshadows. I’ve been using these colors along with my shimmery/frosty eyeshadow from the Balm and they blend very well together even though the textures are very different. They are great for when you want vibrant colors but want to tone down the frosty/shimmery colors.
Some of the darker colors are so pigmented that they can potentially stain eyeshadow brushes or even your eyelids! So be sure to use eyeshadow base/primer! One thing that’s a little disappointing is that some of the colors are very similar; so similar that on the first look they look like doubles! But obviously they are not exact same colors and depending on the user’s skin tone one shade may be better suited than the other:)
Now on to the giveaway…
Prize: Coastal Scent Creative Me #1 palette
1. You must be my You Tube channel subscriber AS WELL AS my blog follower.
2. You can enter multiple times but only once a day. Please do not enter multiple times in one day
3. Enter this giveaway by submitting a comment entry on this post that includes you You Tube ID. As entry please tell me your favorite color from this palette (my favorites are the purple and the deep blue)
4. This giveaway is open internationally and to all ages but if you are under 16 years of age please make sure your parents or guardians are aware of your entry.
5. This giveaway will end at the end of Aug 2010. Entry must be submitted before end of Aug!
6. Winner will be announced during the 1 week of Sept 2010 via Twitter and blogpost.
Follow me on Twitter for giveaway updates and winner announcements.
Jun & Jul Faves & more about the Creative Me#1


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WINNERS for Kawaii Nails & YT June giveaway of Benefit eyes contour kit

As some of you are aware of due to my accident in Chicago I've been unable to keep up with my You Tube and Blog duties... But I've managed to finally return home!! yay! and on my way to full recovery... I was actually at MAC today to buy few things from the latest so I suppose buying makeup means I'm pretty much back to normal!lol

Ok, now on to the winners announcements!

For my Kawaii Nails Giveaway;

winner #1 (to receive a set of kawaii nails as shown in the video): "Kawaiiberri92" aka YT ID: SweetCandy72

winner #2 (to receive 40% off discount code for online purchase at "Sonia" aka YT ID: xsohyunx

For my You Tube-Blog June giveaway of Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes contour Kit;

winner is "Alessia"


*winner for smashbox set (the other You tube june giveaway prize)will be announced via twitter and on the you tube vid info section directly within the next few days and that giveaway is still open until the day I announce the winner*


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm away! **read please**

hi everyone!
i'm currently in chicago usa and got into an accident while i was returning home and now have to stay here until i recover:( so my you tube videos, blog posts, contests/giveaway winners announcements are put on hold for now... i will try to get to it here if possible but for now please be patient!!

thanks everyone!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

3D Nails from

You Tube review & giveaway info:

010 009 012 013 
There are 2 prizes for two randomly picked winners. The first place prize will be the set of size small 3D nails from Kawaii Nails. The second place prize is a coupon code for 40% discount for online purchases at

Giveaway prizes...
1st winner:                                      2nd winner:
     coupon code for 40% discount from

Giveaway Rules:
1. You must be my You tube channel subscriber
2. You must be my blog follower
3. You can only enter once (per user id) per day. (please do not leave multiple entries on the same day or you will be disqualified)
4. Open internationally
5. Enter before July 1 2010.
6. Enter by commenting on this post with “enter me please.”
7. You must state your You Tube user ID (optional: Twitter ID) in the entry
*Winners will be posted via my twitter, blog post, and You Tube announcement board during the 1st week of July. Winners are responsible for claiming their prizes.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Review & Giveaway: Benefit big Beautiful Eyes Contour Kit

P162553_hero This is a complete eye contouring and concealing kit for all eye colors. It comes with Boi-ing Concealer (one shade suits most), alabaster pink eyeshadow (a soft pink shimmer shade for highlighting or applying as a base), a cocoa shimmer eyeshadow (a soft brown shimmer for contouring), and a rich chocolate matte eyeshadow (a deep brown for lining and defining), plus a concealer brush and a double-ended contour and liner brush, plus detailed, step-by-step application instructions which can be useful for beginners in makeup.
The Boi-ing Concealer can double as eye lid primer: it’ supposed to be a shade of concealer that suits most skin tones but if by chance it doesn’t match your skin tone you can still get use out of it by using it as eyeshadow primer. The two shimmery/frosty eyeshadows (alabaster pink and cocoa shimmer) are very pigmented and velvety textured. It easily glides on the skin and gives off pretty shimmery sheens. The rich chocolate brown shadow is matte finish but also velvety textured and well pigmented. This color can be used to deepen the eye lid creases and as eye liner or even as eye brow shadow. The brushes in this kit are small but very useful and good quality.
Overall this little kit can give you a complete eye look (or two depending how creative you can be); all you need is a mascara and you are set to create a day time neutral look or night time dramatic look.
Here are some swatches:
Now on to the Giveaway:
I’m giving away a brand new Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes (contouring) Kit to one of my blog reader/follower.
Rules (please read):
To qualify for this Giveaway,
1. You must be my blog follower.
2. Enter by commenting on this post; please tell me your favorite Benefit cosmetics product or if you haven’t tried Benefit cosmetics yet, let me know what you would like to try from their products.
3. I’m only accepting one entry per follower (sorry I typically don’t mind accepting multiple entries, I actually prefer that because it show how much each person really wants to win and I love it when someone that entered multiple times win:) but for the next month or so I'm super busy so I'm accepting just one entry per follower this time, this makes things easier and faster for me when it come to picking the winner)
4. Open internationally
5. Enter before June 30 2010.
6. Winner will be announced via Twitter and a post on this blog during the first week of July so please be sure to follow me on Twitter or check back my blog during the first week of July (as I will NOT be contacting the winner myself; it is up to the winner to claim the prize by contacting me with shipping info within 2 weeks of winner announcement)
Good Luck Everyone!

 Benefit Cosmetics LLC

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Current Favorite Lipsticks

Below are lip swatches of some of the lipsticks I showed as my current favorite lipsticks:

Warm Me Up (Amplified) LE


Up The Amp (Amplified)


BE109 (Perfect Rouge)




Natural Chic


Sweet Berries (Gourmand)


Berry Mousse (Gourmand)


01 Guerlinade


#20 (Rouge Volupte)


#30 (Rouge Volupte)


Cle De Peau Beaute
Just Joey T2 (Extra Rich)

I haven’t had chance to include lip swatches of all of my current favorite lipsticks: if the one you want to see lip swatch of is missing please let me know and i will try to add it as soon as I can.

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