Monday, December 20, 2010

LUSH Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

 Lush's Christmas Eve Bubble Bar is limited item that's only available during the holiday. I missed out last year because by the time I visited Lush all the Christmas Eve Bubble Bars were sold out. So this year I purchased three Christmas Eve Bubble Bars!

What attracted me the most to this bubble bar has to be how cute it looks! It just "looks" like bubble bar that will help you get a good This bubble bar has jasmine and ylang ylang  as main ingredients. I'm not a huge fan of the jasmine scent but since ylang ylang is a known sleep inducing essential oil and I'm always on the hunt to find bath products that will help me fall asleep I decide to buy
few to try out.

Christmas Eve bubble bar is dark blue bubble bar with a yellow crescent moon on top with some glitters sprinkled on top. The entire bubble bar is dark blue; even the insides are blue (as shown in the picture). I was bit disappointed wit the scent: when I first smelled it at the store it smelled soapy; like a cheap dollar store soap with a very faint ylang ylang; I didn't smell much of the jasmine. I still went ahead and bought three hoping that I'll be pleasantly surprised when I tried it.

I used half of the Christmas Eve bubble bar for one bath. I crumbled it under running warm water as I was filling my bath. By the time my bath tub was filled there were mounds bubbles everywhere. Please keep in mind that the stronger the water pressure, the more bubbles you will make. If your water pressure isn't all that strong, you can help make more bubbles by splashing your bath water around. Of course having a whirlpool will be most ideal. This bubble bar definitely has the potential for a lot of bubbles! It also made my bath water blue. And in the water the jasmine and ylang ylang scents become more notable. The scents still weren't as strong as I want. and that cheap soap scent was still present even in the water, but overall this is an alright bubble bar. I'm only saying it's alright because it does create good bubbles and smell better once it's in water but definitely not one of my holiday favorites.
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