Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NARS Front Row: Duo Eyeshadow in Nouveau Monde, Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches, Multiple in Palm Springs, Lip Gloss in Orgasm

In this video I'm wearing everything in the NARS Front Row set: Duo Eyeshadow in Nouveau Monde, Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches, Multiple in Palm Springs, Lip Gloss in Orgasm AND Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Rosey and Blush and Bronzer Duo AND on Zoya nail polish in Gemma.

NARS Front Row set is from Sephora and valued at $97 but priced for sale at $57 so it's definitely a good deal! You get 3 full size NARS products (Duo Eyeshadow, Eyeliner Stylo, and Lip Gloss) and a mini sized NARS Multiple. Unfortunately, this set is currently sold out at but your local Sephora stores may still have it AND other than the Multiple in Palm Springs, all products from this set can be bought as separate products at Sephora or NARS counter at department stores.

There are two other similar value sets from Sephora priced at $59 that are still available as well as at Sephora stores. The Fashion Forward set caught my eyes at first but I already have Eyeshadow single in Daphne and a full size Multiple in Orgasm.

Fashion Forward set contains:
- 0.07 oz Single Eyeshadow in Daphne (matte deep violet)
- 0.28 oz Lip Gloss in Easy Lover (sheer hot pink)
- 0.14 oz Mini Multiple in Orgasm (peachy pink shimmer)
- 0.14 oz Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Hollywoodland (metallic gold)

Or if you absolutely LOVE NARS Orgasm, the Fashion Icon set will definitely spark your interest!

Fashion Icon set contains:
- 0.08 oz Mini Orgasm/Super Orgasm Blush Duo (peachy pink with shimmer/ peachy pink with gold glitter)
- 0.5 oz Orgasm Nail Polish (peachy pink with gold sheen)
- 0.28 oz Super Orgasm Lip Gloss (sheer warm pink with golden shimmer)
- 0.14 oz Mini Orgasm Multiple (peachy pink shimmer)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Josie Maran Cosmetics: Argan Oil, Argan Color Stick, Argan Illuminizer, Blush & Bronzer Duo, Argan Natural Volume Lip Gloss, GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara, Argan Hair Serum

In this video I'm wearing NARS eyeshadow duo in Nouveau Monde and Eyeliner Stylo in Black, Josie Maran GoGo Volume Mascara, Blush and Bronzer Duo, Argan Illuminizer, Argan Color Stick in Rosey, NARS Orgasm Lipgloss, Josie Maran Volume Lipgloss in Soledad. And  on nails I'm wearing Zoya polish in Gemma.

Sephora Beauty in a Box set of Josie Maran: Fresh Faced and Romantic set for $52USD is no longer available for purchases at Sephora online, however, you can still find some for purchases at Sephora stores! So check your local Sephora stores before it's too late! This set is valued at $96USD but priced at $52USD. Awesome deal!

This set includes:
Argan Illuminizer 0.5 oz
Organic Argan Oil 0.5 oz
Argan Hair Serum 0.17 oz
Blush & Bronzer Duo in Flushed and Contoured 0.28
Argan Color Stick in Rosey 0.55
Argan Natural Volume Lipgloss in Soledad 0.14 oz
GOGI Instant Natural Volume in Blak 0.11 oz

*Most of the products in this set are available for purchases individually!
Click on the pictures of the Josie Maran products below for link to individual products for prices and more info.*

The only product from Josie Maran Fresh Faced & Romantic set I couldn't find available for purchase was the limited edition blush and bronzer duo :(

There are couple of other Josie Maran value sets available for purchases at Sephora:

$90 value selling at $48USD

Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Lips Collection which is $98 value priced at $48 at Sephora online. This set includes two Magic Marker Lip Stain with Argan Color Sticks, two Natural Volume Lip Glosses, and a small bottle of Organic Argan Oil. And this particular set is only available for purchase online at WWW.SEPHORA.COM

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I chose Geo Phyzz bath bomb and Pop In The Bath bubble bar for a bath that's going to help relieve sore and tense muscles=)

LUSH descriptions:
"Geo Phyzz is a solid, concentrated orb of sea salt for soothing soaks. As the salt slowly dissolves it softens the water and your skin. Breath in the steam as the sandalwood, pine and cypress oils work to relieve your tired mind and uscles. And relax..."
"Pop In The Bath: Lovers of The Olive Branch will pop with delight for this gorgeous little flower. Pop in the bath smells like a warm Mediterranean day in a massive citrus fruit orchard, complete with orange blossom blowing in the breeze. We could buy our lemon oil directly from our supplier in Sicily so Pop in the bath is the next best thing to booking your plane ticket away"

My thoughts: 
When Geo Phyzz bath bomb fizzed away it didn't completely melt away, there were bits of sea salts left at the bottom of the tub but they did eventually dissolve during the bath. Geo Phyzz has a strong herbal scent so if you are looking for a bath bomb that's floral or perfume-ish this is definitely not the one for you! However, if you are looking for a relaxing herbal bath to treat tense and sore muscles Geo Phyzz just may do that! Using Geo Phyzz on its own would have been just fine but I wanted some bubbles so I had to choose a bubble bar but most of LUSH bubble bars just didn't seem to combine well (scent wise) with Geo Phyzz. I would have picked French Kiss bubble bar to use with Geo Phyzz since French Kiss has lavender which would go well with herbal-ish scents but I've recently used French Kiss several times so I asked a LUSH lady to help me pick out a bubble bar and she picked Pop in the Bath for me. Sandalwood, pine and cypress oils in Geo Phyzz helped relax my muscles while the citrus oils in Pop in the Bath smelled and felt energizing; overall a good combination.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February 2011 Beauty Products

Products worn in the video:
Eyes: Perfekt Eye Perfection Gel in Bright, LORAC Eyeshadow in Serenity, Tarina Tarantinto Floriculture Palette eyeshadow in  Night Hopper and Taurella, Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner, Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Ultraviolet
Cheeks: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful
Lips: Illamasqua Lipstick in Test, Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Rosey
Nails: OPI Pandaemonium Pink

February Beauty Products as shown in the You Tube Feb '11 Video:
Josie Maran Argan Color Stick RoseyTarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Blissful, Anna Sui Face Color Accent Blush 300, NARS Multiple in Palm Springs from NARS Front Row SetNARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil CalliopeNARS Lipstick NapoliTARINA TARANTINO Eye Dream Hyperliner UltravioletBenefit Cosmetics Magic Ink Liquid Eyeliner Jet BlackKat Von D Autograph Eyeliner Puro AmorTARINA TARANTINO Floriculture PaletteLORAC Eye Shadow SerenityAnastasia Illumin8 With Youthful Synergy™ Complex Eye Shadow Palette - No. 2 No. 2MAKE UP FOR EVER 12 Flash Color Case ($216 Value) 12 Flash Color CasePerfekt Eye Perfection Gel Bright, Diorsnow D-NA Night Serum and White Reveal Cream and Eye Treatment, Dr. Brandt Skincare flaws no more r3p eye cream 0.5 oz, Guerlain Happyoogy Glowing Eye Care, Love & Toast Sugar Grapefruit Hand Cream, Bath and Bodyworks Aromatherapy Energy- Orange Ginger Body LotionPhilosophy The Oxygen PeelBliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask 3.4 oz, BIOTHERM Biocils Lash Optimizer eye makeup remover 125ml,ROC Multi-Action Make-up Remover Milk Etival Ener-C Mist, Anna Sui Cheek Brush 1, Sigma MISS TAYOR Hollywood Glamour Flat Top Retractable Brush.


Swatches on Facebook Album:

March 2011 Giveaway is on now ending on April 10 2011
And the prize is...
Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Palette!

Sigma Beauty 10% off coupon code: STYLE2011

Please let me know if you want review(s) for any of the above products 
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