Saturday, March 5, 2011

March '11 Giveaway for Channelesque's Facebook Page

The month of March is special to me because it's the month of my birthday! So this month, the giveaway prize is something I've wanted for few years but was hesitant to purchase it because it's kinda pricey and also the fact that when I finally did decide to invest on it, it was sold out every time I tried to buy it! Well, I finally got my hand on it late 2009 and been loving it ever since!

The prize for March 2011 Giveaway is...

MAKE UP FOR EVER 12 Flash Color Case

This Giveaway is for my Facebook Page supporters but I do require that the winner is also this blog follower. Here are the Giveaway rules:

1. To enter this Giveaway, all you have to do is leave a "comment" on or "like" any wall posts or pictures/videos on Channelesque's Facebook Page: pretty much any type of comment or feedback left on Channelesque's Facebook Page will count as an entry for this giveaway.

2. You can enter many times as you want but I will not be accepting any multiple entries of same kind: for example, please do not click "like" on every single pictures or wall post for multiple entries! or leave same comment more than once! I'M LOOKING FOR GENUINE FEEDBACK! Maximum numbers of entries per person is 10: you are welcome to leave more than 10 comments or likes, however, only ten of your entries will be entered for the random draw for the winner.

For your entry to qualify:
3. You must be Channelesque's Facebook Page Fan; you can become a fan by "liking" the Facebook Page.
4. You must be this blog follower; you can become this blog follower by "following" this blog.

5. You will be DISQUALIFIED if the above rules #1-4 are not followed to the fullest.
6. This giveaway is open internationally (however, your entry will not count if your country does not accept cosmetic products shipped from Canada).

For extra entries:
7. If you want more than the 10 possible chances allowed on Facebook Page entries, you can also enter this giveaway by submitting comment(s) to this blog. Any comment(s) left of any of the blogposts (max of 10) will be accepted as an entry as long as you leave your Facebook name at the end of the comment. AGAIN, I'm only accepting genuine feedback comments as entries for this giveaway (same rule #2 applies). 

Blog comment entries can be simple as questions or comments about this giveaway on this post or any other post on this blog, as long as your Facebook name is included at the end it will count as an entry.

WINNER will be announced on:
8. April 10th 2011 on Facebook and my Twitter followed by a blogpost of Giveaway result on that same week.

9. It is the winner's responsibility to check Facebook or Twitter on April 10 2011 and claim the prize by end of April 2011. Passed giveaway results are always available on this blog under Blog Topics: Giveaway Results.

Good Luck everyone!
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