Saturday, December 26, 2009

MAC 09 Love Lace Color Collection:
-Pincurl (Frost) (limited editon repromote from Brunette Blonde Redhead) dusty white with slight pink sheen
-Suave Intentions (Veluxe Pearl) (limited editon) lightly frosted silver-ish light blue
-Love Lace (Veluxe Pearl) (limited edition) lightly frosted grey-ish navy blue
-Hypnotizing (Frost) (limited edition) frosted mauve-ish grey light plum/taupe
Out of the above four eyeshadows, Pincurl is definitely the most difficult one to work with. It's a pretty color; it has a slight pink irridescent sheen to the dusty white color, but it doesn't look or apply like a typical frost eyshadow from MAC. It's kind of paste-y, so it can easily look like a dirty white or plain light grey under unfortunate lightings. Especially on my olive color undertoned skin, it can easily look unflattering. But a good thing about eyshadows is that you can always make a color work by complementing it with other colors:) I tried Pincurl just on the ball of my eyelids, close to the lash line, with Suave Intentions all over the lid and Love Lace in the outer v; and it looked really pretty! I would avoid using Pincurl all over the lid or as highlight; it may work for someone with a very light skin but definitely not for me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Kohl Power Eye Pencils

from MAC Love Lace collection:

-Sense of Style (blackened navy blue)

-Raven (intense red with black pearl)

-Feline (rich black)

Finally got myself a Feline kohl pwer eyeliner! yay! I tried to purchase it the last two times that it was released but both times, by the time I made my way down to my local MAC store, they were all sold out!! So when I heard that it was being released again I marked down the day of it's release; which is actually Dec 26th, which meant that at the Pro store they should have it by Dec 19th (since at the MAC Pro stores, they bring out the newely released items a week ahead). However, for some reason the Love Lace collection was launched a week ahead at regular stores and counters as well! This meant that I could have gotten the Love Lace collection items at my local MAC store which is less than 15 minutes away from me but I didn't know this so I went down to the Pro store!! It wasn't a complete waste of times though! I got access to the limited edition items from the Warm & Cozy collection! I'm hearing that at some places/countries, the Warm and Cozy collection was also launced a week early. But in Canada it's either being released on Dec 26th or sometime in Jan 2010! Even at the Pro store the Warm and Cozy collection items are not out yet. They do have it but I was told by one of MAC MA that they were advised not to display the Warm and Cozy collection untill it's officially released as the head office did not want the Pro stores to "give away" the release by displaying the collection early as this is one of their bigger collections. Well, I got my hand on the Warm & Cozy collection items early anyhow! :P Oh, enough about this collection release stuff; as I was saying about the kohl power eye pencils... love love loveee the pigmentation of these liners! so creamy and thick! But I hate the way Raven and Sense of Style get kind of clumpy...they don't apply as smooth and evenly as Feline. Also, they all get used up so fast! I have to sharpened them everytime I use them, even twice during one application sometimes! Overall, I give them 3 stars out of 5!

MAC's Love Lace Color Collection!

stuff i got from MAC's Love Lace Color collection!
reviews & swatches will be posted soon!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

re my other addiction: chocolate!

m&m's Premiums!

Triple Chocolate

"tempting layers of milk, white & dark chocolate"

So while I was in NYC the past weekend I was given some free samples of these new beautiful m&m's which not only taste amazing but also look so pretty that it was almost a shame to eat them! But once I popped one in my mouth it was only matter of seconds untill the entire sample box was empty and I had go back around mall to get another sample...and another...and another... lol I'm actually regretting not grabbing more of those sample while I had the chance as I don't think these m&m's are released yet :(

I say pretty things always taste better!

FTC disclaimer: as stated above I got sample of these m&m's for free and decided to making a posting about them out of my own will because I liked them so much!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the very first post!

So I have deicded to finally join in on the blogging craze... Well, it's probably no longer much of a "craze" than something that people just do (lol) which I'm so behind in learning about as I was about Friendster (way way back then), MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. With Twitter I did open a twitter account few months back from now but I never when on it after I opened my account (lol); but strangely enough once in a while I get email notifications from Twitter informing me that someone is following me (lol). Which actually made me feel kind of creeped out; who the heck are these people following a Twitter account that's totally blank?!?

Anyhoo, I have no idea what I'm doing here (lol) I mean I do know why I'm starting my blog but as for the technical part of blogging I'm completly lost in the dark! I tried reading few of those "how to blog" type of info but as soon as I got to the part about different feeds, settings, and etc... I lost interest so I deicded to just jump right in and learn as I go!

So, my blog shall be about fashion, cosmetics, and anything else beauty related with bit of psychological inputs here and there; since I do hold a psych degree, and my job that supports my habitual spending in fashion and beauty dept does involves psychology, i think it's only fair that I give some love to psychology (lol) But I will try to stay away from anything too serious as I want this blog to be fun and enjoyable to check up on when stress relief from hectic daily life is needed:)

I hope this gets posted where it's suppose to get posted!
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