Thursday, December 24, 2009

re my other addiction: chocolate!

m&m's Premiums!

Triple Chocolate

"tempting layers of milk, white & dark chocolate"

So while I was in NYC the past weekend I was given some free samples of these new beautiful m&m's which not only taste amazing but also look so pretty that it was almost a shame to eat them! But once I popped one in my mouth it was only matter of seconds untill the entire sample box was empty and I had go back around mall to get another sample...and another...and another... lol I'm actually regretting not grabbing more of those sample while I had the chance as I don't think these m&m's are released yet :(

I say pretty things always taste better!

FTC disclaimer: as stated above I got sample of these m&m's for free and decided to making a posting about them out of my own will because I liked them so much!
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