Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette in Happy Fun & Super Fun Colors

I'm not a HUGE Hello Kitty fan but I definitely still a fan. I can't deny it when I already own things like Hello Kitty earrings, car perfume, slippers among few other things... Also, I remember I was quite taken by the idea of Hello Kitty makeup brush roll and was on a hunt to find one online last year (although I didn't end up getting it).

And so when I saw that Sephora had a line of Hello Kitty products I couldn't resist buying couple of thingsThe Sephora Hello Kitty Collection is limited edition and Sephora Beauty Insider members were allowed a sneak peak before its mid January 2011 release. I was actually led to believe that this collection would be exclusive to Sephora online and as someone who isn't a hardcore Hello Kitty fan I wasn't planning to order online, however, when I was at my local Sephora (last week of January 2011) I saw the collection being sold at the store! This collection has variety of beauty products such as makeup brush set, makeup bags, mirrors, perfumes, nail polishes, lipglosses, eyeliners, and etc. The brush set and the eyeshadow and lipgloss palettes caught my attention the most. I decided to buy the palettes and not the brush set because as cute as the little brushes with Hello Kitty container looked, it just didn't look practical. The brushes were travel size and weren't very good quality. The container was so adorable but overall it just didn't seem like it's worth $49 USD/ $64 CDN. 
I did purchase both of the Hello Kitty Say Hello Palettes: Happy Fun Colors and Super Fun Colors. The palette containers are identical except for a slight difference in the opalescent sheen of Hello Kitty's head: Happy fun Colors palette has green-ish sheen and Super fun Colors has purple-ish sheen. The bow on Hello Kitty's ear on both palettes is metallic silver.

 Each of the two palettes has two tiers, with four eyeshadows on the first tier, and four lipglosses on the second tier.

The Happy Fun palette includes:
- Ice Cream (pearl white) eyeshadow (frost)
- Airplane (taupe) eyeshadow (frost)
- Chocolate Milk (brown) eyeshadow (matte)
- Peppermint (sage green) eyeshadow (frost)
- Baby Pink (pink) lip gloss
- Peach Pudding (peach) lip gloss 
- Strawberry Jam (dark pink) lip gloss (no shimmer)
- Springtime (apricot) lip gloss 

The Super Fun palette includes:
- Raindrop (gray) eyeshadow (frosty sheen)
- Sugar Plum (pale lilac) eyeshadow (frosty sheen)
- Sweet Plum (purple) eyeshadow (shimmery)
- Goodnight Dreams (black) eyeshadow (shimmery)
- Sweet Plum (purple) lip gloss
- Pink Confetti (pink) lip gloss
- Strawberry Cookies (brownish pink) lip gloss (no shimmers)
- Snowflake (white) lip gloss 

These Hello Kitty products contain powerful extracts of strawberry, apple, and grape seed to hydrate and soften skin. They are also packed with powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and improve skin conditions. However, as with most eyeshadows, I don't expect to gain much skin improvements as I'm most likely to wear them on top of primer so my skin won't have much direct contact with the actual eyeshadows. I suppose the lip products will benefit from the good ingredients more so than the eyeshadows...

The eyeshadows are decently pigmented. A bit chalky with some inevitable fall outs, especially the matte finish colors, but overall decent quality. But not so "silky" as Sephora claimed. With added use of eyeshadow primer (I tried with Urban Decay and NARS primers) the pigmentations become more intense with less fall outs along with other benefits of primer.

The lipglosses smell amazing; very fruity. I also appreciated how non-sticky they are but the poor pigmentations, or shall I say the sheer-ness of them, was a definite let down.

Below pictures are swatches of Super Fun Colors palette:

 Below pictures are swatches of Happy Fun Colors palette:
 Eyeshadows were swatched on my bare skin with no primer. Lipglosses were swatched really thick to show the colors and I managed to make the colors show on my skin but realistically, on my lips, all the colors appeared similar. I like the glosses because they are moisturizing and smell nice. They made my lips look really shiny, especially the ones with shimmers but with no obvious color.

So are these Say Hello Palettes more of collectors items or actual useable makeup products? Half and half in my opinion; at $35 USD/ $46 CDN per palette you get four mediocre quality eyeshadows that supposedly have skin beneficial ingredients which doesn't really matter since you would most likely use primer for better color pay off and longer lasting power therefore won't get much direct contact of the product on your skin... and you get 4 glosses which may appear pretty in the compact but when you apply them on your lips all four colors appear the same (except one of the color has no shimmers). Yes the glosses smell good and are moisturizing on the lips but... Ok, so far I would give these palettes 3 out of 5 stars... and with the added cuteness of the packaging I would give em 4 out of 5 stars. So, collectors item? Yes! But the actual products inside are alright too ;)

If i had to choose one palette I would definitely go with Happy Fun Colors palette; these eyeshadow colors are more suitable for everyday wear and I know I would get much more use out of this one than the Super Fun Colors palette.

Some stuff I want to get from this collection are:

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