Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NARS Orgasm vs Super Orgasm

 NARS Orgasm blush is one of NARS top-selling products. It was also on Best of Sephora's Best Blush for 2006, 2007 and 2008. I gave into the hype of NARS Orgasm blush back in 2007 and bought a single blush version of it but since then I lost that one and re-bought it as a duo of  Albatross/Orgasm (in picture above). And in year 2010 I also bought NARS Super Orgasm. 
To simply put it, NARS Super Orgasm is same colour as Orgasm (slightly different in colour as I explain below) but with chunkier golden glitters. So what's all the hype about NARS Orgasm and/or Super Orgasm? 
The colour of NARS Orgasm/Super Orgasm is one of the prettiest mix between peach and pink that I've ever seen. It's not quite peach nor is it purely pink but rather a mix of the two (popular colour choices for blush). If I had to use one word to describe the colour I guess I would call it coral. But if I can freely describe it I would call it peachy-pink with golden shimmers and for Super Orgasm the shimmers become "super" as in it becomes bigger/chunkier glitters.
Here's Orgasm (right) and Super Orgasm (left) side by side. The chunky golden glitters on Super Orgasm make it appear more golden and lighter than Orgasm. When I first apply NARS Orgasm blush, I definitely see more of the peachy-pink colour of the blush than the golden shimmers, but as I start to blend the colour the golden shimmers become more noticeable and the peachy-pinkness starts to fade.
My first experience with NARS Orgasm blush was pretty positive. The colour was flattering on my skin (as it's famous for being universally flattering) and since I'm a fan of sparkly glitters, I really enjoyed the golden shimmers on Orgasm. However, Orgasm or Super Orgasm should be avoided if you have large pores on the cheeks of have acne problems as the shimmers and glitters may seep into your pores and look unevenly distributed...

Especially with Super Orgasm, the chunkier glitters may appear very unevenly distributed if skin is bumpy and not very smooth (due to acne or other skin problems). But if you love the golden shimmers of Orgasm and want more noticeable glitters on your cheeks for a night out, Super Orgasm would be a fun product to try.
Here's a swatch of NARS Orgasm. It's a pretty shade of peachy pink. Perhaps a little bit more on the pink side than peach. I'm a NC30 (MAC foundation colour) and wear light-medium foundation colours from most brands and on my skintone NARS Orgasm still appears very pigmented. I say this only because I've read reviews where people said that this colour doesn't show on their skin. So that may be the case if your darker than NC/NW 40+ or med-dark/dark... 
Here's a swatch of NARS Super Orgasm. Very similar if not identical in colour as Orgasm but with obvious addition of chunky golden glitters. However, these glitters will fall off... Even with just few light strokes with blush brush, the glitters will fall off and/or fade away living you same blush shade as Orgasm. I tried really hard to make the glitters show in this picture (right) by not blending the colour at all! But those glitters will fall off even if i shook my arm a bit!

Although the colour of Orgasm and Super Orgasm appeared identical at first, when I looked carefully after blending out both colours, Orgasm looks more intense and bit more pink than Super Orgasm. It's a very minor difference. If I looked from far I would assume that they are same. Especially after the glitters have fallen off Super Orgasm, both blush swatches appear very similar.

If I had to choose between having either NARS Orgasm or Super Orgasm, I would probably choose Orgasm because it's a more practical choice for everyday wear. Super Orgasm's addition of chunky glitters can look pretty for special occasion but it won't stay on your face too long; some will fall off when you blend with the blush brush and others will fall off with time and wear. Some glitters will remain... maybe few chunky glitters? You can keep blending until all the glitters are gone and Super Orgasm will look pretty much identical to Orgasm. I suppose having just Super Orgasm wouldn't be so bad if you really like chunky glitters, especially since you can easily make it look like Orgasm by blending (or jumping up and down till all the glitters fall off).

As for the pigmentation, I really don't understand people that are lighter than NC/NW 40 that say that NARS Orgasm doesn't show on their skin. Unless you are looking for super intense clown-ish cheeks, NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm is pigmented enough. It will turn more golden (from peachy-pink) as time and wear but the initial colour (and for first hour or two) is a pretty shimmery coral-ish peachy pink that's flattering to almost all skin tones. Universally flattering? No, NARS Orgasm isn't universally flattering. I don't know if there is a such thing as universally flattering blush colour...

As for other brands with similar blush colours... I would say Benefit Coralisa is bit more peachy than NARS Orgasm but has similar golden sheen. Orgasm has golden shimmers whereas Coralista has more of golden sheen. Benefit Bella Bama is more pink than Orgasm but has similar shimmery effect. The mix of Benefit Coralsita and Bella Bama is pretty close to NARS Orgasm...and sprinkle some chunky glitter on top and bammm! we have Super Orgasm!lol

Do I love NARS Orgasm blush? No, I don't LOVE it but I don't hate it either. I do like it more than Super Orgasm. But both products aren't on my top ten blush choices... But Orgasm would be somewhere in my top 15 blush choices :)

NARS Blush in Orgasm and Super Orgasm can be purchased at NARS Cosmetics counters at various department stores, Sephora stores, and online from www.SEPHORA.com.

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