Monday, January 17, 2011

LUSH Twilight Bath Bomb

 Twilight bath bomb is my newest favourite bath bomb! I first picked it up because of its pretty purple-ish pink colour with the cute imprints of stars and moons. But my second thought was that as cute as the stars and moons were, this huge purple-ish pink bath bomb looked kinda boring. There are no special decorations like the Sex Bomb bath bomb's cute little flower or sparkles like the Space Girl bath bomb... not even some swirls of different colours like Honey Bee bath bomb! Nevertheless, the sweet smell of vanilla (which I later realized is actually the smell of ovaltine and tonka absolute!) and subtle lavender won me over so I went ahead and purchased it to try it out.
LUSH describes Twilight bath bomb as one of their "most relaxing bath bomb yet." Some of the main ingredients include tonka absolute, lavender oil, ylang ylang, and ovaltine. Lavender and ylang ylang are both famous for their abilities for sooth and relax our mind and body so it's obvious that this will be a great bedtime bath bomb. Tonka absolute and ovaltine contributes to the sweet vanilla-ish scent of this bath bomb. By looking at Twilight bath bomb I didn't expect much surprises but after reading some of its description ( "This one changes colour like the sky at dusk, from pinks to purples and darker still..."), I knew there will be some sort of colourful surprise waiting for me once I drop it in the water!

This bath bomb fizzed away slowly...twirling around the bath tub... and gave off milky pink froth first... and then the blue froth started bubbling out along with pretty sparkles! The bath water itself first turned light pink to purple to blue and my bath was filled with scent of lavender and sweet tonka and ovaltine! It was one of the best relaxing bath I had in a long time!!
During my second use of Twilight bath bomb I cracked the bath bomb in half and took a picture of it (as you can see to the right). More than 75% of this bath bomb (inside of it) is blue with iridescent sparkles.
The wonderful changes of colours with surprising iridescent sparkles will makes you feel like you are floating around in star filled universe! Twilight bath bomb is definitely worth a try! Or, in my case, it worth stocking up!! Oh, but one piece of warning; do watch out for possible residue of sparkly glitters in your bath tub! If you want some some faint sparkles to be left on your skin, try rinsing very lightly or don't rinse at all after your Twilight bath. *Rinsing or not rinsing after a bath is really a personal preference. I personally like to rinse lightly after taking a bath but I know many people that enjoy stronger bath scent to be left on their skin therefore skip the after bath rinsing. If that's the case, just make sure you properly cleanse your body first and is bathing only to enjoy the bath and not for cleansing purposes*

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