Monday, December 5, 2016

Beauty Empties December 2016

Here are some of the beauty products I've used up in the past few months!

This is one of my most used toner of Summer 2016 that I reviewed HERE.

I've finished up and repurchased this toner several times, and it's still one of my favorite! Think of this as a product that has all the benefits of SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion but with brightening booster. The texture actually feels gentler on the skin compared to the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, and it also helps to minimize skin dullness and evens out skin tone with consistent long term use.

I have a love and hate relationship with Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soaps... I love how they clean everything so well with gentle ingredients that's safe enough for sensitive skin. And I mean everything: skin, hair, puppies, babies, laundry, dishes, etc... everything! One of my favorite ways to use Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Soap is as a makeup brush cleanser. However, I absolutely hate how it dries up and thickens so easily that the opening on the lid gets clogged easily. The soap itself is very concentrated so it should be diluted with water. I had it in a pump dispenser to use as a hand wash but the pump kept getting clogged and sometimes it squirted out soap chunks (liquid soap that thickened in the pump). I also had it in a foam dispenser, but, to easily produce foam, it had to be diluted with water so much that it no longer cleaned well. Nevertheless, I do still love it and recently repurchased one in the new Earl Grey formula!

Even with all kinds of lovely chemical peel products these days, I still enjoy physical exfoliation once in a while. But ones with physical exfoliating particles are too rough for my sensitive skin so I prefer gommage or enzyme exfoliators. And Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel is one of my favorites in the affordable (gommage) range. It does what it claims! Gently removes surface dead skin cells and minimize appearance of pore sizes while giving overall brighter and clearer skin tone with consistent use.

I've been a devoted user of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for 9 years, but in 2016, for the sake of saving some money, I gave in and tried Missha FTE. And I really enjoyed it! It was slightly more moisturizing compared to SK-II FTE. Other than the moisturizing factor, Missha FTE seems to take slightly longer (and need more of the product) to achieve similar result (skin tone and texture) as my beloved SK-II FTE.

I tried serval products from Michael Todd Anti-Aging line and this is the only product I continued using and actually finished. It's a watery toner that's slightly moisturizing and seemed to help prep the skin well for other products, and gets rid of some dullness of the skin.

I had high expectations with this product because it came highly recommended by my facialist who I haven't seen after being disappointed with this product. It really didn't do anything; nothing. It was as if i didn't use it. 

I love this product. This was my second tube, and I'll probably pick up another one soon. This uses retinol derivatives and SK-II's very own Pitera to target fine lines. It's an easy to use cream type product that can be used before or after moisturizer. It smooths and plumps out fine lines with consistent use.

If you like the scent of grapefruit and the texture of whipped body butter, you have to try this! It's luxuriously moisturizing and feels long lasting on the skin.

I already raved about this product HERE.

I love this! I'll be repurchasing this one soon. It's a very soothing and hydrating eye cream that comes in one of those memory-gel-cream texture that can be generously applied around the eyes to use as overnight eye mask. I actually loved using this in mornings (right out of the fridge for the extra cooling effect) to soothe my puffy eye area. After about 5 minutes eye masking, I would massage in the rest of the product to double it as an eye cream.

A great product. I reviewed in HERE.

A good cleaning foam product especially for summer. It takes off even the thickest BB cream and UV products effortlessly and fast. But it's slightly drying on the skin.

I like this one but I don't foresee a repurchase anytime soon unless my skin turns oily and acne infested. I used this during the summer when I started breaking out a lot. This helped in soothing new  acne and some redness but that's about it. And because my skin was also very dehydrated at that time, this wasn't enough to use as a main essence/serum.

After I finished this half size SU:M37 Secret Essence, I decided not to repurchase Missha or SK-II FTE for now, and instead bought a full size of SU:M37 Secret Essence. I will most likely go back to SK-II FTE next summer, but for now, I'm really loving this extra moisturizing fermented essence goodness.

I kept telling myself I like this body oil because I like products with camellia oil and I also like Sulwhasoo products that uses ginseng, and this illi Total Aging Care Body boasts camellia and ginseng as main ingredients. So by simple logic, along with my eagerness to like a product that promises anti-aging for the body, I convinced myself I like this product and kept using it until I finished it. And by no means do I hate it, but I'm glad it's done, and now I don't need to force myself to use it. It's a body oil that feels like oil - no fancy dry or quick absorbing type of oil. It makes skin feel very moisturized and soft but it's not lasting without lotion or cream to seal it in. And it takes too much time and effort to use it -  the firming effect is probably from all the massaging I had to do to get this absorbed in the skin and not solely from the oil itself. 

I love this natural spot treatment! It doesn't do anything magical but it definitely helps to calm blemishes. If I use it right when a new blemish is about to come on, this usually prevents further flare ups. Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment is something I always have around.

Let me know if you have questions about any of these empties,

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