Thursday, December 22, 2011

WKW for Shu Uemura (왕가위 슈에뮤라)

WKW for Shu Uemura (왕가위 슈에뮤라) Holiday Collection by Wong Kar Wai
Shu Uemura released a collection that is holiday rich in emotions and atmosphere, with beautiful package decorations inspired by internationally renowned director Wong Kar Wai's special short film for Shu Uemura "Mask."
Here's a clip of "Mask."
There are various type of products in this collection including eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, glow/blush powder nail polishes, brightening cleaning oil, brush set, glitter false lashes etc... 
I picked up three products from the collection: Drowning In Flame Palette, Lustrous Glow Powder, Rouge Unlimited in Pink Flush.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliners & Lip Glosses

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner ($23/ 0.02 oz.) is a long wear pencil eyeliner available in nine shades. Four shades I tried are Via Vento, Bourbon Street, Rue De Rivoli, Rue Bonaparte.
NARS says these liners wear for 12 hours without smearing or caking. I've tried wearing them for 11-12 hours and they held up pretty well. There was no smearing or caking up to 9-10th hour of wear. By the 11-12th hour there was slight smearing and the color appeared a bit faded but not noticeable unless looked at up closely. 
These liners come in retractable applicators which mean they will always be the same length. And they come with built in sharpers for the pencil tips. These two factors are great bonuses since I hate using pencil liners after they've been sharpened away more than half of the initial length of the pencil (short pencil liners are harder to use and easier to lose). But I don't always buy retractable pencil liners because the tips can't be sharpened to pointy tips. So the added built in sharpener for these retractable pencil liners works out well. The sharpening did take some practise to get it done without losing so much of the actual product. But losing some useable product when sharpening any pencil liner is inevitable.
The four pencils I tried are creamy rich colors that are well pigmented and apply on the skin evenly with ease.

Via Vento is matte black, Bourbon Street is purple with a slight sheen, Rue De Rivoli is metallic forest green, and Rue Bonaparte is matte light beige.

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss ($26/0.19oz) is available in nine colors. I've tried three colors so far: Tiber, Piree, Spring Break. NARS says these glosses are long lasting high shine hues that are infused with ingredients that not only nourish and fight free radicals but also volumize lips with natural lip enhancers.
Colors above are (from top) Piree (rosy pink), Tiber (mauve-ish beige-brown), and Spring Break (beige-nude with slight sheen). The applicator for Larger Than Life Lip Gloss is different from other NARS lip glosses; it has much smaller applicator with plastic bristles with pointed shape which allows for precise application.
I love Piree and Tiber; they are both well pigmented and applied evenly and seem to fill up the lips to make them appear smooth and full. But Spring Break looked bit chalky and made the dry-ness as well as all the lines on the lips very noticeable. These glosses all do stay in place well and they are not as sticky as most other glosses that are "long lasting." As do many NARS lip products, these glosses don't smell or taste good but if you don't plan on smelling or tasting your lip gloss it's definitely worth trying (given you choose one of the well pigmented colors like Tiber or Piree and avoid colors like Spring Break which gives off more of a sheen than color).
I'm very satisfied quality of both NARS Larger Than Life Pencil Eyeliners and Lip Glosses. I'll be purchasing more colors to try very soon.

A week after this post, I did end up purchasing another NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss: Odalisque. Please visit this link for picture+swatch of Odalisque.

All products were purchased by me at, Inc.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giorgio Armani Jacquard Collection

Giorgio Armani released Fall 2011 Jacquard Collection in August 2011. This collection includes two eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, a fall shade mascara, and four lipsticks.

4-Color Eye Designing Quad

4-Color Eye Designing Quad

All in One Highlighter and Blush

eyes to kill excess mascara:
new fall collection shade

107, 108, 406, 525

Jacquard Eyeshadow Quad in #1($59US) & Lipstick 525 Sheer Mauve ($30US)
(close up pictures and swatches below)
Includes a central eye shadow duo, a highlighter and a deeper shade for emphasis. Eye shadows are created with unprecedented color technology. This fine film of vibrant eye color blends to produce incandescent color without creasing or fading. The secret lies in a unique micronisation process applied to the pigments. Color-FilTMtechnology provides a radiant film of vibrant colour, a soft and smooth long lasting texture, so light that colours can be blended and layered with total freedom. Pure colour, sheer perfection.
-from Giorgio Armani website

All four colors in this eyeshadow palette are beautifully pigmented. They apply silky and has very soft texture. I love how pigmented these eyeshadows are yet they do not feel heavy or thick on the skin. It goes on sheer but still has long lasting effect that produce beautiful colors. People that like super pigmented/vibrant eyeshadow that apply thick (like some Urban Decay shadows tend to) may feel that these shadows aren't as pigmented. But, for eyeshadows that feel so smooth and light on the skin, these are very nicely pigmented. My least favourite color is the deep purple eyeshadow (the only matte finish color in this palette). The purple feels chalky but the other three colors are so pretty and gives dimensions to the eyelids. Pigmentations of these eyeshadows can be intensified by using the colors wet.

The lipstick (525 Sheer Mauve) is a pink-ish mauve colors with shimmers. It applies silky on the lips. It's long lasting (6-8 hrs) and offers hydration for the lips. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dior Mitzah Collection Review + Swatches

Dior released limited edition Mitzah Collection which is named after Christian Dior's long tim friend and muse Mitzah Bicard. The Panther Eyeshadow $90 US (below, right) caught my attention but I decided I would get more use out of the Mitzah 753 5 Couleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette Quint $60 US (below, left).

I also purchased Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Camel 622 $22 US from the same collection. I'm satisfied with both the eyeshadow quint and nail polish. Eyeshadows in the quint are beautiful colors that are nicely pigmented. Colors are unique yet neutral. Color in the middle is matte finished caramel, the top left is shimmery red brown, top right is frosty tan, bottom left is light beige with iridescent pink undertone. Camel 622 polish is a caramel-ish camel color (as the name suggests). It's creamy and pigmented. Only two coats are needed at the most.

All products were purchased by me at, Inc.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sigma Beauty Discount Coupon Code, Sale Info, and Reviews

Hi everyone!
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Sigma Beauty products reviewed on this blog:

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