Saturday, December 26, 2009

MAC 09 Love Lace Color Collection:
-Pincurl (Frost) (limited editon repromote from Brunette Blonde Redhead) dusty white with slight pink sheen
-Suave Intentions (Veluxe Pearl) (limited editon) lightly frosted silver-ish light blue
-Love Lace (Veluxe Pearl) (limited edition) lightly frosted grey-ish navy blue
-Hypnotizing (Frost) (limited edition) frosted mauve-ish grey light plum/taupe
Out of the above four eyeshadows, Pincurl is definitely the most difficult one to work with. It's a pretty color; it has a slight pink irridescent sheen to the dusty white color, but it doesn't look or apply like a typical frost eyshadow from MAC. It's kind of paste-y, so it can easily look like a dirty white or plain light grey under unfortunate lightings. Especially on my olive color undertoned skin, it can easily look unflattering. But a good thing about eyshadows is that you can always make a color work by complementing it with other colors:) I tried Pincurl just on the ball of my eyelids, close to the lash line, with Suave Intentions all over the lid and Love Lace in the outer v; and it looked really pretty! I would avoid using Pincurl all over the lid or as highlight; it may work for someone with a very light skin but definitely not for me.

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