Monday, January 11, 2010

MAC In Lillyland!

this is a very"quiet" and neutral eyeshadow look I created with the MAC In Lillyland Pearlmatt eyeshadow...

MAC In Lillyland

(Pearlmatt Face Powder, Pearlmatt Eye Shadow, Florida Cremeblend Blush)

Pearlmatt Face Powder

This product (as well as the below pearlmatt eyeshadow) has flower pattern engravings that's just too adorable to pass up! Also, the idea of "pearl-matt" also caught my attention; the finish of the powder is neither matt or pearl but something in between. It's perfect to wear daytime, to work/school, or just whenever you don't want to be all shimmery or glittery but also don't want the pastey-ness of matt finish. This powder has four different colors which you can use separately (light brown-as bronzer or for contouring, peach-as blush or bronzer, light yellow-as highlight, pink-as blush) or you can mix all four colors and use it to warm up your face (for lighter skin tones, the mix of all four can still produce a nice blush color). The mix of the light yellow and the pink makes a really pretty light pink blush and the mix of the peach and the pink makes a lovely blush color also. The light brown, which is the largest of the four colors, is the most pearly but not still not as "pearly" as an actual pearl finish products. It'll be a shame when the flower pattern disappears with use but the uniquenesss of the "pearl-matt" finish will probably make this one of my MAC faves!

Pearlmatt Eye Shadow
The colors of this eyeshaow is not as pigmented as I would have liked them to be (the swatches on my hand are 3-4 swipes of each color) but with a good base underneath, colors do show up as seen in the case. Just as I said above about the Pearlmatt face powder, I really like the idae of "pearl-matt" finish, even more so for the eyeshadow. Some of MAC's matt finish eyeshadows are hard and paste-y which makes it difficult to blend. I don't know if it's the "pearl" part of this eyeshadow, but it does blend pretty decently and feels soft (almost creamy) to touch. The finish doesn't have enough pearl to be frosty/pearly but it has enough of it to give a slight sheen to the otherwise matt finish.

Cremeblend Blush in Florida

When I first saw this blush I didn't think I would end up buying it but after I tried swatching/blending it, I completely fell in love with this color! As can be seen by the above swatches, you can sheer out this blush to make it as sheer/light as you want or build up the color to produce the same color as seen in the case. I heared people comparing this color to MAC Dollymix blush; I don't own the dollymix blush but if it looks like this one, then it must be gorgeous! (makes me wish I HAD the Dollymix blush!lol) This product looks beautiful as blush but also as lip color:) You can match this it with a lighter color lipgloss on top to tone down the pink and make it more suitable for daytime or pair it with a clear lipgloss and enjoy the full potential of this pretty hot pink!! I used this product as eyeshadow base (just around the outer corner) for the eyeshadow look shown on the top of this post:)
I passed on the Lipgelees but after seeing one of the pink (the lavender-ish pink one) lipgelee on my friend I'm very tempted to drop by MAC and buy at least one lipgelee! Hmm...should I?? I kind of wanted to hold on buying anymore lip colors from MAC until the spring color collections...
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