Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My newest nail polish color additions:

How Cute is That

After being disappointed by yet another MAC nail polish color pay off, I went into Sephora to check out their OPI collection in hopes to find a similar color as the MAC Coconut Ice from the MAC In Lillyland collection. Coconut Ice is such a beautiful color; I would would have definitely bought it if it wasn't so difficult to get the color to apply evenly. The closest color I can find to MAC's Coconut Ice is Sephora OPI's How Cute is That which is just as pretty as the MAC one except that it's not a satin finish. How Cute is That has very fine shimmers, so fine that it's more of a sheen than shimmers. This sheen isn't so visible in the pictures
but definitely apparant on the nail. I think I would have preferred this color to be a satin finish like MAC's Coconut Ice but Sephora OPI's How Cute is That still applys much better.

The second Sephora OPI color I found was so random but it actually applys much better than How Cute is That. BYOBoy is satin finish. It's creamy and thick and applys with ease. You only need one coat to get the same color as you see in the bottle! Now, that's what I call a great nail polish! Applys easily and evenly, one coat needed, beautiful color in the bottle as well as on the nail; what more can you ask for in a nail polish? =D I would be wearing BYOBoy right now if it wasn't that I'm trying to give my nails some break from nail polishes <3
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