Saturday, March 19, 2011


I chose Geo Phyzz bath bomb and Pop In The Bath bubble bar for a bath that's going to help relieve sore and tense muscles=)

LUSH descriptions:
"Geo Phyzz is a solid, concentrated orb of sea salt for soothing soaks. As the salt slowly dissolves it softens the water and your skin. Breath in the steam as the sandalwood, pine and cypress oils work to relieve your tired mind and uscles. And relax..."
"Pop In The Bath: Lovers of The Olive Branch will pop with delight for this gorgeous little flower. Pop in the bath smells like a warm Mediterranean day in a massive citrus fruit orchard, complete with orange blossom blowing in the breeze. We could buy our lemon oil directly from our supplier in Sicily so Pop in the bath is the next best thing to booking your plane ticket away"

My thoughts: 
When Geo Phyzz bath bomb fizzed away it didn't completely melt away, there were bits of sea salts left at the bottom of the tub but they did eventually dissolve during the bath. Geo Phyzz has a strong herbal scent so if you are looking for a bath bomb that's floral or perfume-ish this is definitely not the one for you! However, if you are looking for a relaxing herbal bath to treat tense and sore muscles Geo Phyzz just may do that! Using Geo Phyzz on its own would have been just fine but I wanted some bubbles so I had to choose a bubble bar but most of LUSH bubble bars just didn't seem to combine well (scent wise) with Geo Phyzz. I would have picked French Kiss bubble bar to use with Geo Phyzz since French Kiss has lavender which would go well with herbal-ish scents but I've recently used French Kiss several times so I asked a LUSH lady to help me pick out a bubble bar and she picked Pop in the Bath for me. Sandalwood, pine and cypress oils in Geo Phyzz helped relax my muscles while the citrus oils in Pop in the Bath smelled and felt energizing; overall a good combination.
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