Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MAC Spring Color Forecast Collection: eyeshadows and lipsticks

Products I picked up from MAC Spring Color Collection that I'm thinking about returning:(

I picked up three single eyeshaddows from this collection(s) and found out after that one of the shadow I got called "Da Bling" is actually in MAC's permanant collection!lol And the other two shadows called "Hot Hot Hot" and "Rosy Outlook" are also nothing special... Why did I buy them?!? I dunno!! Whenever a new collection comes out I just get suckered into buying more than I planned! Good thing is that I recently found out that MAC has amazing refund policy that allows me to return items even they are used. If I knew about this years ago I probably won't have at least 25% of the MAC stuff that I currently own!lol

Hot Hot Hot, Rosy Outlook, Da Bling
I also picked up three lipsticks from this collection; and thinking about returning all three if not at least one!
Radicchio (lustre), Bubble Gum (glaze)
Both Radicchio and Bubblegum are more of frosty finish than lustre or glaze, I'm not sure why MAC is calling them lustre and glaze finish...
I actually bought Radicchio thinking about giving to my mom; it's a bright berry tone with sheen. My mom typically likes to wear berry color on lips but she found this one to have too much of blue undertone sheen. I think I will return this one for sure... It's a fun color but I don't see myself wearing this often...maybe once or twice a year just cuz I feel bad I haven't worn it..lol
Bubblegum is a frosty bright mid tone pink with tiny shimmers; the frosty shimmers ruined this color for me:( I've been seeing a lot of frosty and shimmery lipsticks being released from MAC lately so I thought I would try this out but I should have kept with my instinct that told me I wouldn't like em! This color reminds of what a couger-ish over the hill bleached blonde slutty waitress should wear. Again, it's a fun bright color but not for me:(
Now on to one lipstick color that I do like=) but not without a problem!lol The below swatch on the right side is "Laugh A Lot" lipstick from the Spring Color Forecast Collection and to the left is Viva Glam VI; both lustre finish but a lot more pigmented than your typical lustre finish lipsticks from MAC.
Viva Glam VI (lustre), Laugh A Lot (lustre)
The reason why I swatched Viva Glam VI along with Laugh A Lot is because as soon as I applied Laugh A Lot I knew it reminded me of a color that I already had and after going through many many colors I found that Viva Glam VI is the closest match! Viva Glam VI is more pink-ish and Laugh A Lot of more coral-ish but I think that they are still a pretty good match. Hmm...for some reason, in the picture above the colors do look more different than when they nare applied hald and half on the lips! On my lips the colors look identical!lol And since both are lustre finish; feels and applies the same...I feel like I should return this one too... Ugh, I hate having to return so many products! I feel bad for some reason... Is that weird??
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