Monday, February 8, 2010


I love these new pigments from MAC Spring Color 1 Forecast Collection! They come in stackable clear jars and have amazing color payoffs (some colors more so than others). They offer medium to full coverage with pretty reflective metallic sparkles. They are suppose to be crease-resistant and long wearing limited edition pigments only available 2010 Spring.

I was immediately attracted to the pigments from the Spring Color 1 Forecast Collection (the ones in my pictures here) rather than the ones from the Spring Color 2 Forecast which are variety of sparkly peachy-yellow-lime green-ish colors.

I think the stackable jars are a great idea! They definitely making storing these pigmensts a lot easier! You have the choice of stacking all four jars or into two sets.
These pigments differ from regular MAC pigments in that they are they feel and apply creamy and the pigments are kind of "wet." They easily clump up even in the jars as well as when applied which isn't necessarily a bad thing because the clumping can be easily smoothed out with bit of blending with fingertip or eyeshadow brush. And when they are applied properly they are absolultely beautiful!!

Another bonus is that because these pigments feel somewhat "wet" they are kind of sticky and easily sticks to your skin without any kind of base! And with the intense color payoff using a base underneath can definitely be cut out of the steps when using these pigments. And the sticky-ness of thes pigments also prevent the much hated fall-outs that typically worsens with pigment uses.

All four colors are very pretty and unique. The color intensities are buildable. They apply so creamy and can look like sparkly liquid metals with intense applications.
The deep purple color pigment has the most intense full coverage color payoff and it's also my favorite color from this stack. And as shown in my pictures below, the color can appear to be deep purple to metallic purple depending on the angle of the view.
My least favorite color is the light lavender color. I thought it was going to be my favorite color when I first saw it in the stack. But I feel that the glitters are too big and it's also the most clumpy. It's still a beautiful color and I will definitely use it but just not my favorite out the the four colors in this pigment set.
This pigment set is released at MAC stores on Feb 11/2010 and is priced at $38.50CDN.)
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ftc disclaimer: This product was purchased by me and my opinions expressed in this posting are not compensated or effected by MAC as I'm not associated or affiliated with MAC.
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