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Tokidoki Prisma Glosses & Fantastico Lip Inks

Tokidoki Prisma Glosses & Fantastico Lip Inks

Tokidoki Prisma Glosses in (from top) *Rocketeer, Devil Girl, Monkey Pirate, *SANDy.
These Glosses are $15USD/ $20CAD each at Sephora stores or Sephora.com. 
Rocketeer and SANDy are on sale for $7USD/$9CAD!

Here's what Sephora says about these glosses:

What it is:
A sheer, nourishing high-shine gloss with packaging that features characters from the magical world of tokidoki.

What it does:
This non-sticky formula comes with a yummy blueberry flavor, plus protective kudzu and marine extracts.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens

What else you need to know:
Each gloss cap holds a criminally cute tokidoki character inside a snow globe, so you can take the playful tokidoki spirit wherever you go. A clear silicone paddle applicator delivers uniquely smooth application. These products are not tested on animals.

Here are my thoughts on Tokidoki Primsa Glosses:
They smell amazing! All the glosses has same scent. They smell just like blueberry Jolly Ranchers! They don't taste as good as they smell but they don't taste awful either. Well, we shouldn't be eating our lip glosses anyway so lets move on...
All the glosses are sheer with slight pigmentations; some more so than others. There are no shimmers in any of the glosses. They all provide high shine crisp colors. 

The above are pretty thick swatches of each colors so you can imagine that when they are spread out on the lips the colors will appear more sheer with less pigmentation.

The description for these glosses on Sephora website claims that these glosses are non-sticky; they are not super sticky and gunky but I definitely wouldn't classify them under non-sticky! If you have long hair flowing around the wind, some will get stuck on your lips yes, which is to be expected when you are wearing most lip glosses. The stickiness seems to subside with time.

These glosses are so moisturizing! When first applied, they feel thick and somewhat sticky on the lips but  within minutes, the "thickness" and "stickiness" goes away and lips feel supple and moisturized.

(sheer red orange)

(sheer plum)

(sheer green)

(sheer brown)

The first thing that many of us notice with Tokidoki products are their cute packaging. The Prisma Glosses has one of the cutest Tokidoki packaging! Each gloss cap has a mini snow globe of Tokidoki characters.

The colors, Devil Girl, Rocketeer, and Monkey Pirate can be worn alone to give lips some color with your natural lip color still showing through but color SANDy doesn't look right worn alone unless your natural color lips but with shine and slight green undertone is what you are looking for. Overall I do like these Tokidoki Prisma Glosses. They smell and feel great on the lips. They are perfect for days when you want glossy lips with just a tinge of color AND they are also great to top off matte lipsticks or lip stains. My favourite combination is to wear a Prisma Gloss on top of a Tokidoki Fantastico Lip Ink (check below for more about Tokidoki Fantastico Lip Inks).

Here are the glosses that are currently on sale for $7USD/$9CAD:
Here's a set of 5 glosses ($75USD value) that's on sale for $32USD/$42CAD:

Here's what Sephora says about them:

What it is:
A long-lasting lip stain with a soft-tipped marker component for easy application.

What it does:
Achieve intense, buildable lip color with this innovative marker pen, available in five vibrant colors with a delicious mango flavor. The lightweight formula contains moisturizing panthenol for healthy, hydrated lips. An airtight cap allows for effortless transport.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens

What else you need to know:
An air-tight cap ensures optimal results and convenience. These products are not tested on animals.

bright pink to reddish pink

coral to intense orangy-coral

Here's what I think of Tokidoki Fantastico Lip Inks/Stains:
These lip stains smell great and they are not as drying as most lip stains. The colors are decently pigmented. Most lip stains are intensely pigmented and they literally "stain" your lips with the first swipe but colors from these ones  start off somewhat sheer and can be build up to appear really intense.
Here's my video about lip stains (please keep in mind that this video is from April of 2010!)

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