Thursday, February 26, 2015

AXA Direct English Website for Expats in Korea

This is one of those rare times that a non beauty related post makes it on here! Which only happens when it’s something truly worth sharing that is outside the beauty realm. Car insurance... I’ve been living in Korea for almost three years now, and here, just as in many other countries, there are countless insurance companies to choose from. As a "gyopo" (a Korean that grew up outside Korea), I do speak somewhat fluent Korean, however, when it comes to signing up for insurance, merely understanding the language somewhat is just not enough. 

As much as car insurance is mandatory, we really want to consider the brand and coverage very carefully, which is never so easy for foreigners in Korea. So I’ve LONGED for a car insurance option that’s English-friendly. Fortunately, AXA Direct just opened up a comprehensive English insurance website!

When it comes to insurance, I believe it’s best to choose a reliable brand that offer thorough coverage. AXA is a global insurance brand, with 100 million customers in 56 countries worldwide. Every year, global top 100 brands are chosen by the marketing institute Interbrand. And AXA has been chosen as the NO.1 insurance brand for 6 years in a row by Interbrand!

It’s easy!
To access AXA English website for car insuarance, go to and choose ‘English’ from the language tab on top.

Other insurance websites in Korea provide only basic information on products in English. But at  AXA, you get the full comprehensive information readily available in English. Now I can choose insurance products and understand every single detail about it without having to ask Korean friends or relying on Google translator, which actually confuses me more most of the time!

It’s fast!
AXA English website is great for time-savers, as it takes 5 MINUTES to get quotes online! AXA provides quotes, service type confirmation, signing up and much more, all in English on the new site which makes it very accessible to expats in Korea.

Also, there’s a ‘Request a Call’ button on the site that allows you to book a consultation with exclusive English speaking agents if you ever feel the need speak directly to an agent.  

It’s stress-free!
The worst possible situation when driving in Korea is indeed traffic accidents. You’re full of shock and panic, AND you have to handle all those claims service IN KOREAN… Headache! 

With AXA Direct, however, no need for the added stress of trying to deal with everything in Korean. They even have a hot-line dedicated for English speakers, providing accident report and emergency road services.

AXA even offers quick and easy mobile services for accident report all in English! You can just tap your location on the mobile map, and an insurance agent will come superfast to take care of everything for your claim service.

They ALSO provide care service for drivers in minor emergencies such as being locked in or out of car, unexpected car stop due to fuel shortage, flat-tire, dead batteries, as well as other diverse emergencies. 

So how much is all this going to cost?
AXA provides a variety of discount programs with some items like mileage option or black-box registration. With a mileage option, you pay as much as you drive and get additional discount for driving less. (10% off for driving less than 5000km , 5.6% off for driving less than 9000km) Other programs include black-box registration discount offered to those who drive with black-boxes, and accident-free discount offered for those who drive accident-free for three years. These three discount programs can be offered all at the same time, providing as much as 21.5% off!

So check out AXA if you’re shopping for car insurance in Korea.
A reliable English service by a reliable insurance brand!

This posting was written along with the support of AXA Direct.

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