Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Coconut Pack Review

Coconut infused skin cleansers have been around for many years. Coconut milk cleansers, coconut cream cleaners, coconut water cleansers, as well as many other variations. Not to mention the option of using pure coconut oil as cleansing oil. I've tried some of these in the past and found some to be pretty decent cleansers, but didn't find any to be all that unique. 

With the recent rising popularity of coconut oil for health and skin benefits, I opted to try a coconut face soap called Coconut Pack from a Korean company called Boutique Bebe. What's interesting about this face cleanser is that it can be used as a cleanser as well as a face pack ("pack" meaning facial mask). 

This is a product that's been highly reviewed by Korean bloggers. I've seen many impressive before and after photos, and I haven't come across a single negative review! However, I've noticed that most of these over zealous positive blog reviews are sponsored reviews. So I didn't take these raving reviews too literally, nevertheless, they did amp up my expectations...

This product claims to: treat blackheads, whiteheads, dry flakes, and enlarged pores without drying out the skin to give a smooth and even skin texture. And all this without harmful additives such as parabens, color/dye, mineral oil, animal oil/fat, or silicon. 

Main/active ingredients are: extra virgin coconut oil, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic argan oil, and organic shea butter. 

Other interesting ingredients are: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid powder, rice bran oil, natural vitamin E, olive butter, nano-EGF, FGF, marine collagen powder, snail slime extract, propolis, Coenzyme Q10, arbutin, and salicylic acid.

There are few other ingredients listed that are safe for the skin but otherwise boring, except for one: "BP bundle utility seafood." I have no idea what "BP bundle utility seafood" is and what it's doing in a face cleanser, so if anyone knows, please let me know!

So did this product perform as claimed?
Yes! This is a gentle facial soap that effectively cleans the face (except for waterproof eye makeup), and when used 'properly' it also works to remove dead skin cells without drying out the skin. But using it 'properly' has to be emphasised here: if it's used just as a face cleanser, all it will do is clean your face. When also used as a face mask, it does wonders for the skin. And using this product as a face mask is so simple and hassle free! All you need is water, Bebe Boutique Coconut Pack, and a mesh cloth. I bought the mesh cloth that was offered with the Coconut Pack purchase. This mesh cloth made a HUGE difference in the amount of foam that can be created with minimal amount of product.

How to use Bebe Boutique Coconut Pack to achieve maximum results:
After removing eye makeup with appropriate eye makeup remover, lather up the Coconut Pack (just as you would with any bar soap) and cleanse the face with it as usual. Rinse with lukewarm water. And then, create rich foam with the Coconut Pack by using a mesh cloth and bit of water. Spread the thick foam over the face avoiding eyes, and lips and leave it on for minimum of one minute. Rinse starting with lukewarm water and finishing off with cool water. Follow up with usual skincare routine.

Putting the foam on your slightly damp cleansed face as a mask for a minute or more (nightly if your are oily, every other night if you are dry) makes a big difference in what this product can do. The foam works similarly to a typical enzyme peel/cleanser. It's gentle yet effective in removing dead skin cell, cleansing pores, and smoothing skin.

I used this product daily (morning and night) for about two months. It is so gentle that I was able to use it every night as a foam face mask and it didn't irritate my skin. However, the benefits I received from this product, besides the cleansing part, didn't happen overnight. I noticed that my pores appeared smaller and my skin texture smoother after about a week. I actually used the mesh cloth directly on my face for the first few times so that may have assisted the exfoliation performance a bit. It leaves the face squeaky clean but without drying out the skin. It's not as moisturising as cleansing oils or milk cleansers, so if your skin is extremely dry, you might find it a bit drying if you don't immediately follow up with skincare products (especially when you use it as face mask). But I felt that it is a lot less drying than most foam/soap face cleansers. We all need to exfoliate for smoother skin and smaller pores no matter what skin type, and Boutique Bebe Coconut Pack is an overall pretty gentle product that's suitable for all skin types.

I purchased my Boutique Bebe Coconut Pack on TMON (only in Korea) which is a flash sale type of website. For international shipping options, it can be purchased from GMarket or MEMEBOX.

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