Thursday, August 14, 2014

Piccasso Makeup Brushes & False Lashes Event + Discount Code!

Piccasso is a makeup brush and false lash company based in Korea. They've been providing makeup brushes and false lashes to the beauty industry in Korea for about 20 years. As their products became better known among people in the entertainment industry, they've opened up to general consumers both domestically and internationally.

I was invited to attend the opening event for Piccasso's international online store. This took place in Piccasso makeup and nail studio located in Chungdam-dong, an affluent beauty and fashion district in Seoul, Korea. This event was exclusive to bloggers, and was carried out in a form of a makeup class. I'm told it started off with with refreshments and introduction to Piccasso makeup brushes and false lashes. Unfortunately, I got there a bit late and missed all that. But I did get there on time for the makeup class! 

The makeup class consisted of basic application of face makeup as well as more advanced methods such as contouring and detailed eye makeup application. The instructor gave a lot of great tips on how to effectively and efficiently apply makeup using different makeup brushes. I was already aware of most of these techniques, but it was great to hear why some of these techniques are coveted by most makeup professionals. The most memorable one, that I've been practising since this class, is that foundation should be applied starting at the sides of your face and not the center. Which makes perfect sense, after the fact that is. If you start at the centre of your face and spread/blend out to the sides, you will get concentrated amount of foundation on the center of your face and less and less towards sides of your face. Which will likely make you use more foundation to go over the sides of your face. This, in turn, can make you use more foundation then needed. Whereas if you start at the sides of your face (cheek area) and spread it out to the rest of your face, you can achieve a thin, evenly distributed, layer of foundation. The instructor also talked about techniques often used by Korean entertainment industry such as applying blush on the upper cheek areas only instead of the traditional way of applying blush on apples cheeks and blending it out to outer sides of face.

They had impressive collection of professional makeup brushes laid out as well as vast array of false lashes for all sorts of different looks. They are all handmade by master artisans. I didn't get a chance to actually try out their brushes for makeup application, but from the look and feel of them, they seem well made.

After the makeup application instructions, each blogger received hands-on individual assistance and recommendations from professional makeup artists on site. The event ended with some refreshments and time to mingle with other bloggers and the event staffs. Each blogger received a gift package that included a Piccasso foundation brush, four sets of false lashes, and a makeup brush bag.

I can't vouch for the other brushes from Piccasso since I haven't tried them, but the foundation brush that I received is absolutely amazing. It's an ergonomically designed brush with the finest and softest synthetic bristles. This would be a pleasure for any professional makeup artist to have in his/her kit, and effortless for makeup beginners to use. It definitely improved the quality of my foundation application.

The four EyeMe Piccasso false lashes I tried are unlike any other Korean false lashes I've tried so far. They are handmade with real hair and felt so comfortable and natural on my eyelids. Depending on the length and style you choose, you can even pull these off as your own lashes; an "upgraded" version of your natural lashes! After trying these out, I understood why Piccasso false lashes are favoured by most Korean female celebrities including members of Kpop groups like Girl's Generation and 4minute, as well as established actresses like Kim Tae-Hee and Chun Ji-Hyun.



Overall, I'm glad I had this opportunity to be introduced to Piccasso. The makeup class was informative as well as hands-on, and products I mentioned above are all outstanding. I'll probably purchase some of their other makeup brushes eventually. Even though I already own more than enough makeup brushes, it's hard to pass on the chance to try new, possibly better ones! Piccasso makeup brushes and false lashes are reasonably priced: ranging from $15 to $117 for makeup brushes and $4 to $49 for false lashes. And Piccasso is offering 5% discount to all Beauty Bemused readers!

Enter coupon code BEAUTYBEMUSED during checkout to receive 5% discount on all your purchases at

I'll have up a "False Lashes" video up on my You Tube channel very soon! It will be a review and comparison of various false lashes I've tried from Canada, US, UK, and Korea.


*This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to attend an event for bloggers and try some of their products, but writing this post was my choice. All opinions expressed in this post are my own*

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