Monday, August 29, 2011

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes in Bare, Flare, and Dare + Coupon Code

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes in Bare, Flare, and Dare can be bought for $35 USD each at


This palette has matte and satin finish eyeshadow colors in light and dark colors in neutral tones and comes with a dual ended brush (E30: pencil brush, E25: blending brush)


This palettes has matte, satin, and shimmery eyeshadows in greens, purples, browns, ans skin tone. It comes with a dual ended brush that has E55 for shading and E40 for blending.


This palette has mix of matte and satin colors in reddish browns, corals, yellows, and skintones for highlighting brow bones. It comes with a dual ended brush with E20 for shading and E45 for blending.

Dual ended brushes from Bare palette (top), Flare palette (middle), Dare palette (bottom).
These brushes are same quality as regular Sigma brushes which is a great bonus to any eyeshadow palette! Each dual ended brush has one blending brush and another for shading. My favourite is the one from Bare palette. The brush from Dare palette is also great but I find the brush from Flare palette too big for my eyelids which is a shame since the Flare palette is my favourite palette!

When I first got these palettes I was sure that the Bare palette will be my favourite that I will use most often. However, the colors are either too dark or too light. There's no medium tone neutral color that I can use for blending creases which means extra blending is required to blend out the dark colors. Control, Snoop, and Hitch are all nicely pigmented dark neutral colors that apply softly on the skin but they are too dark for daytime neutral looks. Act is some what tricky to wear; I hated it at first but after few tries, I found it to be the only neutral lid color I can wear during daytime. It's a muted taupe color with slight pink iridescence and when worn right it can create beautiful light smoky eyes perfect for daytime or night. Why did I hate it at first? Act has the most fall out and is somewhat powdery. One color I hate from this palette is Command; it appears pretty in the pan but doesn't transfer well on the skin. Overall, this palette was a little disappointing but that's probably because I expected too much (after seeing rave reviews on YouTube!). 

The Flare palette has fun colors like green and purple as well as neutrals. Oversee and Define are fun shimmery greens that apply silky. Publicize is a perfect highlighting color for the brow bones. Allure looks pretty in the pan but doesn't transfer well on the skin... Other colors are alright; not much to rave about. This would be a good palette to have for Spring and Summer looks.

The Dare palette would truly be for some daring! This palette has reddish browns and corals that reminds me the Fall color trees! As with the other palettes, there are colors that looks pretty in the pan but not so much on the skin: Shout and Vanish. But the rest of the colors in this palette are very pigmented and applies softly on the skin.

If I had to choose one palette I would pick the Flare palette, and if I can pick one more I'd pick the Bare palette. That's my personal preference. I would recommend getting the Bare palette plus either the Flare or Dare depending on personal preference. 

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