Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LUSH REVIEW: Glorious Mud

LUSH's Glorious Mud reminded me of little sand blocks I used to make as a kid playing on the beach. It can easily crumble and as it crumbles it feels more like finely ground mud rather than pebbly sand. Glorious Mud is, by LUSH definition, a muddy body mask. A LUSH lady (I call Lush salespeople Lush lady or Lush guy...lol) told me that Glorious Mud can be also used as a body scrub. So a product that can be scrub and mask for the body is what I was expecting when I purchased this is little block of mud. 

Ingredients: Rhassoul Mud, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Sesame Oil, Aloe Vera, Vanilla Absolute,  Myrrh Resinoid, Sweet Orange Oil, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, Limonene. 

(If you are curious about what each of above ingredients do, check out LUSHOPEDIA on LUSH website. You can search each ingredient to find out their origin and usage)

Main ingredients for this product is Rhassoul Mud which is "a clay from the Atlas Mountains and is often used in mud masks to deeply cleanse the skin."

After I bought Glorious Mud I actually forgot about it and left it in LUSH yellow paper bag for about 3-4 weeks. When I finally decided to use it, I noticed that the paper bag had absorbed some of the oil from Glorious Mud; the paper bag looked greasy like a bag that had a donut in for few hours!

I decided to cut the block in half to use twice. I thought about cutting it into four squares and if this was a simple body scrub I would've cut it into four pieces to use four times. But, this is a mud mask for the entire body so I figured I would need the entire half block to cover most body parts.

The scent was more potent once it was cut in half. I imagine the outer part of this product was probably dried out from being left in the paper bag for 2-3 weeks and the essential oils absorbed into the bag...

It smelled earthy but sweet. I'm guessing that the rhassoul mud contributed to the earthy-ness while sweet-ness came from vanilla absolute and orange oil.

To use this product you simply bring it in the shower and add bit of water and it starts to fizz up. It must be the Sodium Bicarbonate that makes this fizz. You can also start to crumble it while it's fizzing and rub it on your skin. So while you are rubbing (or massaging) it into your skin you're essentially "scrubbing" your skin. The texture is a little too soft to be a potent exfoliator; at the most it's a mild/gentle body scrub.

When I finished applying Glorious Mud all over my body, I got reminded of Costa Rica when I had a body mud mask at a Volcano spa..lol (below is picture of me with the volcano mud mask)

Ok, so the actual Glorious Mud mask didn't completely cover my skin like my Costa Rican volcano mud mask did. Perhaps if I used the entire block or two (or three)...

So after gently massaging Glorious Mud all over my body which helped to scrub away dead skins and flakes (eww..gross!), I sat in my tub for about 5 minutes (and got mud stains all over the tub!) and rinsed off under warm-cool water.

The result? My skin felt amazing! My entire body felt so silky and soft. And there was a faint earthy-vanilla-ish scent. The gentle scrubbing action (or shall we call it "massaging") definitely contributed to the smooth-ness of my skin. And all the skin benefiting ingredients (aloe vera and sesame oil among others) in Glorious Mud moisturized my skin thereby making it feel silky soft!

Below is a picture of Brimstone Body Scrub cut into four pieces (review coming up soon!) and our beloved Glorious Mud cut into two pieces:
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