Thursday, May 13, 2010


These Joe Fresh Style nail polishes are $4 per color. And when I purchased these, the store (Loblaws) was having a BOGO sale! I’m not sure of the BOGO sale is still on but at $4 per color these polishes are definitely worth the buy!
My favorite color (from the ones I’ve tried) is “FIG” which is a lavender-ish/light purple color (shown below but not included in the above group picture). Pastel colors are super cute for the spring and summer seasons and Joe Fresh Style has an extensive collection of pastel/matt colors!
017 021

The bottles themselves do not have names of the color on them. Which is a bit strange… Maybe there was sticker labels on them but they peeled off? (As did some of my Joe Fresh Style lipstick labels came off too) But it’s unlikely that labels of all 6 Joe Fresh Style nail polishes I have all some how peeled off without my knowledge…lol (I went online to get the names of each polishes:
While I was on the Joe Fresh Style webiste I found a coupon you can print out to get $10 off $50 purchase of Joe Fresh Style products (
So each bottle of polish comes with 6mL of product. It’s small but c’mon how many nail polishes do we ever actually finish? For that reason I kind of like the fact that the bottles are small sized. I also like the fact that the brush handle is short: I feel like the short handle gives me more control. What I don’t like are the actual bristles of the brushes. The bristles are coarse and rough. With the first layer application, the thick streaks that the rough bristles left are very noticeable.
But the actual polish mixture made up for the poor brush bristles. With a second layer application, the rough streaks become less noticeable and most of it disappears as the polish dries up and the surface becomes smooth (you might need bit of time getting used to letting the streaks smooth out by itself, trying to fix it with the brush will just make it worse).
The lasting power is pretty good; definitely better than some Revlon nail polishes I’ve tried. I wore two coats without top coat for 3 days without any chip! I’m pretty rough with my hands so 3 days without chipping (and without top coat) is pretty impressive for a product that costs $4!
101 102
There are 27 or 28 different colors in the Joe Fresh Style nail polish collection. There are few metallic colors but most are satin finish matt colors. The above “Gunmetal” color is the only metallic finish I bought. As the name suggests, it’s a dark grey silverish gunmetal color. The matt colors give a really nice shiny finish even without a top coat whereas this metallic color gives a dull finish: top coat is a must for this one!
Now on to more pastel matt colors (with satin finish),
104 106 110  109
I picked up 5 satin finish matt color nail polishes (fig, butter, coral, mint, and pink). I'm pretty much set for spring and summer as for nail polish colors!LOL I absolutely love these polishes (except for the rough bristles on the brush thing that I mentioned above :P). The colors are vibrant and they give a shiny plastic feeling finish (except for “gunmetal” color). The color “Mint” is a great dupe for Essie’s “Mint Candy Apple” and Revlon’s “Minted.”
I’ll be giving away a bottle of Joe Fresh Style Mint nail polish as part of my Joe Fresh Style Cosmetics Review(eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, cheek tint, blush, nail polishes, and brushes) and Giveaway on YouTube. (coming soon! follow me on twitter for first hand giveaway announcements) Here’s a sneak preview of the giveaway prizes! 

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